Mic Mix

Design and production of targeted consortiums of beneficial microorganisms for intensive agriculture.


CDTI Proyectos Estratégicos | MIC-MIX IDI-20170108


April 2017 - March 2023




En Desarrollo


  • To select microorganisms with high versatility and biostimulant activity, that promote the development and growth of different types of plants. Generic, target-crops, and seeds.
  • To isolate microorganisms from the rhizosphere and endophytes of individual plants selected for their special vigorousness within the target-crop population.
  • To study the interaction/compatibility of the selected microorganisms.
  • To determine the biostimulating or induction properties of plant defenses against certain pathogens.
  • To validate experimentally in the laboratory the results obtained in field trials. We will correctly identify the appropriate dose of each microorganism in the desired crop.


Thanks to this project, at Cannabis Biotechnological Developments we developed several internal projects, specifically CANNABINOID INDUCTOR and CLONER, with which we have achieved a series of solutions focused on specific needs of the medical Cannabis crop:

  • MULTICLONE, organic, cuttings-cloner as effective as hormone-based chemicals.
  • RELOAD PRE, a regenerator of the soil microbiota, due to its prebiotic molecules that act as a substrate for the growth of beneficial microorganisms.
  • SIL UP, a technical product made with high-uptake silicon that increases the formation, robustness, size, and quantity of cannabinoid-producing glands.



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