Productive Innovation

Research, development and innovation represent the backbone of Cannabis Biotechnological Developments.

Research, development and innovation, represent the backbone of Cannabis Biotechnological Developments.


At our Research Center, a multidisciplinary and international team works by deeply analyzing the Cannabis sativa L. plant and its crop management.



We develop natural technologies that, not only increase the crop yield of Cannabis sativa L. but also enhance the cannabinoid concentration in the plant, protecting the crop from pests and diseases naturally and without residues.


We innovate by providing a natural alternative to chemicals, maintaining quality and enhancing the organoleptic and functional properties of the plant.



From this backbone, comes our natural, effective and sustainable technology, motivated by the idea that the pharmaceutical industry sector focused on medical Cannabis, requires quality active ingredients that will benefit patients’ health.

We have a multidisciplinary team of researchers, coordinated with the most outstanding research groups in the world, using the latest technology to offer the most effective and innovative solutions focused on the medical Cannabis crop.