Agrobiotic Movement

Regeneration of soil microbiota

Welcome to the new era of medical Cannabis, welcome to the Agrobiotic Movement.

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Chemical disinfection and soil exploitation lethally deteriorate the soil’s microbial life. With chemical disinfection, we remove pathogens that reduce production yield, unaware that at the same time we are eliminating millions of beneficial microorganisms.

In 1 cubic meter of soil, there are over 1,000 grams of bacteria, over 300 grams of actinomycetes, over 1,000 grams of fungi and 20 grams of protozoans. We are talking about 95% of beneficial microorganisms and 5% of pathogens.

The absence of all this beneficial microbial life greatly reduces the plant’s preventive action against cancer, organoleptic qualities like taste and aroma, and decreases the nutritional content of food, seriously harming the basis of our nutrition, thereby our health.

Therefore, we propose a re-inoculation of prebiotics and probiotics into the soil to balance agricultural soils again, thus helping increase the yield of the medical Cannabis crop, an increase on the content of molecules with medical activity and its organoleptic properties.

By restoring the balance within the soil, through the reintroduction of beneficial microorganisms, we give competitive intensive agriculture,  some of the values of traditional agriculture.


Prebiotics are compounds or active biomolecules that act as promoters (food) for beneficial microorganisms (probiotics), enhancing their activity, increasing their concentration in the soil, and therefore, indirectly contributing to balanced development, as well as a greater and healthier production of medical Cannabis crop. Depending on the composition of the prebiotics, they can be selective in the feeding of microorganisms to promote their growth and action in the soil at specific times.



Probiotics are microorganisms involved in the dynamics and quality of the rhizosphere and soil microbiota, influencing the development and yield of medical Cannabis. The use of probiotics favors the crop’s adaptation to unfavorable conditions, improves vegetative development, optimizes nutrient uptake, strengthens the plant against several stress factors and even favors competition for the ecological niche against the pathogenic microorganisms found in the soil.

The soil is home to most of the living biomass on our planet.