We offer natural solutions with the same efficacy as those offered by synthetic chemistry, but without its harmful effects on health.


Four natural areas

All our technologies are achieved from the synergy of four sources of natural raw materials, such as botany, microalgae, microbiology and green chemistry; encompassed in our 4 Health Technology.

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Our research areas

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Cultivation free of waste

Natural bio-protection

More concentration of molecules of interest

Activation of physiological and metabolic pathways

More than 70 research projects

The largest research center in Europe dedicated to the study of medicinal Cannabis

Technology at the forefront of research

Bloster Project

Innovative production of biopesticides. Evaluation of endemic plants and industrial residues.


A consortium of microorganisms PGPR/PGPF to increase production and improve the organoleptic characteristics of the crop.

Water 2 Return

Recovery and recycling of residual water nutrients into value-added products for a circular economy in agriculture.